Highly versatile small milling machine ideally suited for carrying out partial pavement repairs, milling around manhole covers, placing or removing road markingsView more →
Powerful cold milling machine for rehabilitating large surfaces or for removing asphalt layers at full depthView more →
Powerful, compact surface mining machine mounted on crawler tracks. Surface miner with mechanically driven cutting drum for mining concrete. View more →
Compact large milling machine that can be equipped with various milling drum configurations of 2.0 m working widthView more →
Powerful, compact cold milling machine mounted on crawler tracks for the removal of individual pavement layers or complete carriageway structuresView more →
Compact large milling machine that is equipped with a milling drum of 2.20m working width.View more →
CUTAKERB is used for the removal of kerbs, concrete cutting, step detail and slot making in bituminous materials. Cutakerb can cut 300mm wide and up to 400mm deep. View more →