W210i/Fi Fine Milling 2000mm

The latest two-meter cold milling machine is suitable for the most demanding milling jobs thanks to the use of new technology and innovation.

Machine W210

What's it used for?

  • Versatile, high-precision level pro-active levelling system.
  • Unmatched cutting technology with easy exchange of milling drums in record time.
  • Twin CAN bus operating system.

Key Stats:

  • Milling width: 2,000 mm
  • Milling depth: 0 - 20 mm
  • Engine power: 563 kW / 755 HP / 766 PS
  • Weight: 32,100 kg

This latest machine fitted with all the new technology available can be used for normal urban sites as well as more demanding motorway and runway refurbishment.

The fast change drum system allows us to swop from standard milling to highly precise fine milling in a few hours ensuring the machine is ready for all applications.

Our machine is also fitted with 3D laser level interface making it compatible with Leica/Topcon/Trimble operating systems.

Power Plane chose Leica 3D Total station and our machine is fitted their machine control system to allow a simple plug and play.

We are happy to share the WPT job reports which accurately show area and depth milled for each shift. This coupled with a time and weight for each load removed, fuel and water consumptions and cutting tool usage gives invaluable information for our operating team and the customer alike.

Power Plane are please to offer a fine milling service for use on failed water proofing and anti skid surfaces. We add pcd – polychrystalline diamond cutting tools for retexturing concrete and bituminous carriageways where the surface has worn smooth and is unsafe for road users. This allows refurbishment at a fraction of the price of overlays and is a massive saving on CO2 use.

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