W35Ri 350mm

Highly versatile small milling machine ideally suited for carrying out partial pavement repairs, milling around manhole covers etc. to prevent manual breakout, removing road markings and joint repairs.

Machine W35

What's it used for?

  • Pavement repairs
  • White line removals
  • Specialist jointing repairs
  • Multi- storey car parks
  • Small areas inaccessible to larger machines

Key Stats:

  • Milling Width: 0 – 100mm
  • Multiple drums to alter the width ranging from: 100mm – 350mm
  • Fine milling drums

Weighing in at 4.9 tonnes this small but powerful machine is highly versatile and manoeuvrable, it is used with the standard 350mm wide drum for small patching work and backing up the larger machines to get any areas inaccessible to them.

Power Plane run five of these machines each with it’s own range of specialist drums allowing varying widths of crack and joint repairs to be undertaken.

We have specialist fine milling drums which are used to complement our larger machines when carrying out retexturing works.

These drums are also ideal for bridge repairs when removal of existing waterproofing is required. The accurate machine levelling allows for precise removal of thin layers and these have been very successful in removing white lines even in adverse weather conditions.