Terms and Conditions

  1. The C.P.A. conditions shall apply to any hire agreement.
  2. Unless previously withdrawn, this quotation is open for a written acceptance for a period of three months from the date hereof, and is subject to acceptance as a whole.
  3. Prior to any contract being entered into or any works commenced, we require satisfactory confirmation that adequate funds have been secured to finance the works.
  4. Terms: Net. All work is subject to measurement at monthly intervals for interim valuations and is to be remeasured on practical completion for a final valuation. All valuations to be paid within 28 days from the date of the application (due date).Any monies not paid by the due date shall be subject to, and attract, interest at the rate of 2% above the Bank of England minimum lending rate in force at the time. In default of any of the provisions of this condition, then without prejudice to any rights or remedies available to us we may suspend work on the site. Any costs which may arise from such suspension, together with those costs incurred in restarting work shall be in addition to the contract and be recoverable from you. Any and all damages which arise from such suspension shall be your sole liability.
  5. Acceptance of an order resulting from this quotation is subject to the incorporation of the terms and conditions of this quotation, which will take precedence over all other conditions, and a detailed and agreed programme for the Sub-Contract works.
  6. Power Plane Ltd standard cancellation policy is as follows (Shift cancelled by client charged at )
    1. Day time Working.
    2. Before Noon the day before no charge
      After Noon to 17.00hrs 50%
      After 17.00hrs or on site 100%
    3. Note the day before (Friday for Saturday, Sunday & Monday)
    4. Night time Working.
    5. Before 16.00hrs the day before (Fri for Saturday, Sunday & Monday) No Charge
      On the day, before Noon: 50% charge
      After Noon but before 17.00hrs: 75% charge
      After 17.00hrs or on site: 100% charge
  7. This quotation is submitted on a fluctuating basis and is current at the date of quotation. If during the course of the execution of our work There are changes in Tax matters Governmental Regulations or the cost to us of labour, materials, goods and/or any other services, we shall require reimbursement of the additional cost thereby incurred.
  8. The whole of the work being carried out in not more than one visit to the site. Our prices are based on sufficient areas being made available to us to ensure economic and continuous progress of our work.
  9. Any work required to be carried out on a Day work basis will be paid for in accordance with the F.C.E.C. Day work Schedule in operation at the time of execution
  10. Contra charges from either party are to be agreed in writing before any financial adjustments are made. The right of set-off shall be restricted to this Sub-Contractor.
  11. Our prices are based upon the net thickness stated. However we can only guarantee to achieve that thickness within a tolerance of + or - 6mm, or such greater tolerance as provided by the appropriate construction layer. Surfacing of any planed area deems acceptance of that planing.
  12. Our prices unless otherwise stated do not include for:
    1. Hand trimming around iron work and the like, or inaccessible to our standard planing machine.
    2. Saw cutting or the forming of edges.
    3. Forming of temporary ramps.
    4. The removal of steps at the side of the excavations resulting from our operations and
    5. any sweeping or cleaning other than that resulting from our own operations
  13. We cannot accept liability for damage to hidden ironware or any other constructions not readily visible or expressly notified by you. Should such objects cause damage to our plant etc. the full cost thereof (direct and consequential) shall be borne by you.
  14. Should the materials being planed prove to be of exceptional hardness, or of a nature likely to cause damage to our equipment, we reserve the right to stop work, without penalty.
  15. We do not accept liability for damage caused to adjacent construction or areas resulting from our operations, unless expressly caused by our negligence.
  16. Adequate and suitable access and working space to be maintained at all times for our plant, equipment and laden lorries.
  17. Our prices are based on carrying out the work continuously during normal working hours and no allowance has been made for weekend working or restricted overtime working.
  18. You are to provide all necessary watching, lighting traffic control and signs that may be required during the progress of the work thereafter.
  19. You are to be responsible for the maintenance and safety of the works after completion of our operations.
  20. We do not accept liability for damage caused by the weight or by the running gear of our machines to the layers of construction underlying those being planed.
  21. Unless specific sites or tips are designated in the tender documents, or agreed, before works commence, the price quoted shall be for disposal at sites or tips arranged by Power Plane Limited under the Controlled Waste regulations 1992. Any other conditions imposed upon the disposal of planed materials shall constitute a variation to the contract.
  22. This quotation does not take into account any taxes which relate directly or indirectly to landfill costs.
  23. We reserve the right to adjust our rates should the area and or depth vary significantly from the amounts quoted.
  24. Retention is not applicable to this quotation. Our quotation is based on the minimum area involved. Any variation in areas may result in an amendment to our rates in order to recover our full costs. VAT is applicable at the current rate.