Cutakerb is a bespoke machine used for removal of concrete kerbs, concrete cutting, step detail and slot making in bituminous material. It is an adapted Wirtgen wheeled 1.0m planer with an added side cutting drum.

Machine cutakerb

What's it used for?

  • Removal of existing precast concrete kerbs which are milled to provide a 40mm down aggregate for re-use.
  • Cutting new kerb line in existing carriageway to specific levels saving on concrete bed and backing.
  • Offset cutting wheel is ideal for edge joint details.

Key Stats:

  • Cutting width: 300mm
  • Cutting depth: 0 - 450mm

The cutakerb can cut 300mm wide and up to 400mm deep. Arisings are left in-situ making access to properties possible immediately after the kerb has been milled. The milled arisings are generally 40mm down in size – suitable for use in recycling or as hard core.

The manoeuvrability of the machines is ideal for radii and small, awkward areas.