Fine Milling

This process is a modified form of standard cold milling, the only difference being the cutting tools are spaced more closely together.

What's it used for?

  • Creating a defined new surface texture in both bituminous and concrete carriageways.
  • Highly accurate milling to remove thin layers of material especially existing water proofing on bridges.
  • Re-shaping of rutted bituminous surfaces or displaced concrete slabs using average beam technology.
Diamond fine milling W210 Fi

In the UK retexturing of carriageway surfaces is covered in DMRB and specifies a 6mm spacing with diamond tipped cutting tools.Power Plane is the only UK milling company to register its machines and process with the appropriate authority under mobile fine milling grinding plant.

The Fine Milling drum rotates in an up-milling action in the direction of forward travel it allows very accurate levelling of existing surfaces but can only remove up to 20mm deep in one pass. The finished texture can be increased or reduced by configuration of forward travel and drum rotation speed. We have achieved up to a 1.5mm texture depth for retexturing carriageways and as low as 0.4mm texture depth for bridge deck water proofing applications.

Power Plane were the first company worldwide to use poly crystalline diamond tips for retexturing concrete carriageways giving a consistent finish throughout the work. This has rejuvenated worn out slippery concrete carriageways and has been used successfully on all types of concrete carriageways from estate roads to motorways.