W210i 2000mm

The two-meter cold milling machine is suitable for a wide variety of milling jobs thanks to the use of new technology and innovation.

Machine W210

What's it used for?

  • Versatile, high-precision level pro-active levelling system.
  • High reliability through pioneering twin engine concept.
  • Unmatched cutting technology with easy exchange of milling drums in record time.

Key Stats:

  • Milling width: 2,000 mm
  • Milling depth: 0 - 330 mm
  • Engine power: 537 kW / 720 HP / 730 PS
  • Weight: 32,100 kg

This machine purchased specifically with airfield work in mind was the first twin engine milling machine we had, with it’s unique ability to mill using one or both engines it was the natural choice combining economy, lower exhaust and noise emissions with power when needed and the added piece of mind that it can still work with either engine should one suffer a malfunction.

The machine has proved very economical on fuel using only one engine for all operations except hard milling.

The machine is equipped with VCS vacuum cutting system, FCS fast change cutting drum system, PTS parallel to surface keeping the machine and operator level when moving over uneven surfaces.

This was also the first machine we had fitted with optional 3D levelling devices and also comes equipped with Leica 3D total station pavement design modules.