Power Trench

Power Trench an additional innovation following on from our existing Cutakerb machine capable of cutting up to 600mm deep either 100mm or 300mm wide.

What's it used for?

  • Lighting cable installation
  • Fibre Optic installation
  • Service trenches
  • Carriageway edge joint detail
Power Trench 300mm X 600mm 20 03 19

This trenching method using the latest innovation for laying pipes and cables at reduced costs per linear metre than traditional digging methods and speeding up the rapid advance of fibre-optic cable network. Power Trench is a bespoke built powerful cold milling machine with a customised deep trenching unit. Capable of cutting up to 600mm depth with a narrow (100mm) or wider (300mm) width cutting wheel which can also lift the arisings out of the cut which are then deposited alongside the trench for re-use as backfill. This offers an effective answer for the laying of ducts, pipes or cables. The Power Trench equipped with the flexible cutter system provides an optimum solution for a maximum range of uses.