W250i 2200mm

The largest road milling machine with maximum performance for unsurpassed productivity.

Machine W250

What's it used for?

  • Road Milling
  • Surface Mining
  • High output for large or time critical sites
  • Removing layers or entire road surfaces

Key Stats:

  • Milling width: 2,200 mm
  • Milling depth: 0 - 350 mm
  • Engine power: 753 kW / 1010 HP / 1024 PS

Power Plane Ltd were the first UK company to take these machines. The most powerful cold milling machine provides maximum milling output rates and productivity.

We are also able to adapt this beast into our bespoke surface mining machine capable of handling even the toughest concrete. This innovation allows us to remove centre reserve concrete including steel stanchions for old barrier restraint systems to make considerable savings when replacing with new concrete barriers.

The innovative FCS cutting system allows us to fit various milling drums and milling units to achieve higher levels of flexibility and machine performance. This machine regularly doubles the outputs of standard 2.0 metre machines.

The particularly wide front-loading conveyor and its high drive power guarantee the highest material loading capacity.

The innovative dual-engine concept is extremely fuel efficient due to its demand-based power output.

Fitted with all the regular Power Plane optional extras this machine has the WPT – Wirtgen Performance Tracker for clear documentation of milling performance. Multiplex average beam levelling technology, 3D total station interface, Moon balloons for safer night time working and VCS vacuum cutting system for cleaner milling with reduced emissions.