M5 Motorway junctions 4-6

Removal of 80kN Concrete in Centre Reserve including VRS stanchions and sockets.

PQ Concrete centre reserve removel

The centre reserve on this part of the midlands motorway network needed replacing to allow the newly specified concrete barrier vehicle restraint system. However with the existing concrete over 1.0m deep in places it seemed needlessly expensive and time consuming to remove it all only to replace with new concrete at a lesser thickness. The existing concrete drainage channel did not help running in the centre from zero to 450mm deep creating an awkward shape.

Power Plane’s surface miner proved it’s worth removing only the depth of concrete required including the existing steel VRS stanchions and sockets leaving a level surface for slip forming the new barrier.

Following on from this Power Plane have now completed further concrete centre reserve removal on M1,M3,M4,M6 and M27.