Case Studies

Fine Milling surface dressing for Skanska Infrastructure Services

The Fine Milling is mainly used in the UK to tackle the problem of reduced texture or total loss of skid resistance on concrete carriageways.

However, the urban street you see is a traditional hot rolled pre-coated chip road situated in St Neots, Cambridgeshire.  Several years ago this was treated with a 10-15mm surface dressing. The treatment was fundamental to regain the skid and ride quality. In the course of the last few years as you can see the surface dressing treatment has deteriorated to the point where intervention was a necessity as many areas of the road had worn away completely.

Towards the end of last year Power Plane were approached by Skanska Infrastructure Services stating that they were looking for a process to remove the exhausted surface dressing. Our fine milling process was able to remove the surface dressing to expose and retexture a perfectly sound carriageway. Not only was the road retextured and skid resistance reinstated but due to the recent investment in the latest technology Power Plane's fine milling machines are now fitted with average beam levelling, PTS 'parallel to surface' software that allowed us to remove 1800m² of surface dressing extremely accurately to an average depth of 16mm. This ensured the ride quality is fully restored with all hollows and undulations removed the newly textured surface has no reason to last any less than it did when it was originally  built.

The process can be trafficked immediately, other surface treatments can be applied to the surface if needed and fine milling is a fraction of the cost to a traditional inlay which also can be used to improve the original road surface.